■ About BioThane

BioThane is the brand name for PVC-coated polyester belts developed by BioThane Coated Webbing.
Manufactured in the only factory located in Ohio, USA.
Highly rated for its high durability and ease of management due to its waterproof and antifouling properties, it is an artificial material that is widely used around the world for dog equipment, horse equipment, medical belts, military equipment, sporting goods, etc. .

At our shop TONGUE OUT, we used to live in the EU before, so we purchase directly from Paracord.eu (an authorized dealer) that we have trusted and used since then, and we process and produce leashes and collars at our shop. going.

① High durability and safety

The strength of BioThane used in our shop is as follows.

・500lbs (approximately 227 kg) at 12mm width
・750lbs (approximately 340 kg) at 19mm width
・1000lbs (approximately 454 Kg) at 25mm width
(* All values ​​announced on the US manufacturer's official website)

The Japan Pet Supplies Manufacturers Association has a policy of
"We would like to set the minimum strength standard as 3 times the applicable weight, and for mooring products, 5 times the applicable weight."
I'm doing it.
Calculating from this standard, even the thinnest 12 mm width used in our shop 227/5=45.4kg , so it has enough durability.

In addition, BioThane is latex-free , so not only dogs but also owners can use it with confidence.

② Waterproof and antifouling

The material does not absorb water at all , so it is easy to clean.
Even on rainy days or after playing in the water, just rinse it off and wipe off the water! No need for drying.
If it is very dirty, please wash it with soap and lukewarm water.
It does not have an unpleasant odor, so you can always use it cleanly.

③ Always supple and flexible to use

It's a very durable belt, but when you hold it, it's a very soft and supple material!
There is no such thing as hard and painful hands.
It has a matte texture with leather-like embossing, and it is hard to slip when you hold it.
It does not harden even when the temperature is low , so it is recommended for dogs in cold areas or for walking in the snow.

④ Colorful color development!

It's also attractive that there are so many colors, such as basic colors like leather leash, cute pastel colors that look good on small dogs, and fluorescent colors that are perfect for active dogs!