Origin of name

My dog, PRIM, always sticks out his tongue [ TONGUE] and I like how he's running happily [ OUT] . I wanted to make the dogs who gave me smiles so much that they would bellow out, so I became TONGUEOUT.


The load capacity is calculated according to the calculation method of the Japan Pet Products Industry Association so that the purchaser can use it with confidence.

And we are particular about durability and design, and we will create products that are "only here" .

me and my dog

I have lived and traveled in Australia, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other countries for about five years. Later, while living in the Czech Republic, I met my dog, PRIM, and that changed my life and dreams.

PRIM is a border collie, so I was surprised at first because he was a very active and energetic child, but I was able to get a new start in his life as I was imbued with his personality. In the midst of this, Corona began to spread in Europe, and I lost my job. As a hobby, I started knitting PARACORD and making collars and harnesses for PRIM, which led me to this handmade shop. I learned a lot from there, and when I returned to Japan, I dreamed of starting an online shop, and TONGUEOUT was born.